Fifth Harmony’s Debut EP Sounds Pretty Great So Far


Fifth Harmony, the artists formerly known as 1432 formerly known as LYLAS, are putting out their debut EP this year.

Rather than fuss with a full LP (LOL, so 2012), the fabulous X Factor fivesome is putting out a mini-collection of tunes for their #Harmonizers at the end of the month, including their debut single “Miss Movin’ On,” as well as their Britney name-dropping, #somethingmoreurban beat breakdown-having “Me & My Girls.”

The Better Together EP is now available for pre-order on iTunes, which means one thing: It’s snippet time.

Among the new songs (which they’ve been performing live over the past few months), there’s “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone,” which sounds like the girls’ breezy teenage take on Whitney‘s classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “Better Together,” which plays like a throwback to the early ’00’s R&B-pop jams of JoJo (and, more recently, Zendaya). “Who Are You?” is the collection’s big ballad, full of melodic cooing and big belting over a lovely piano. Most promising of all? “Leave My Heart Out Of This,” which is a sort of dub-laden, propulsive pop-rock anthem a la Demi Lovato.

It’s all very Radio Disney friendly and very unapologetically bubblegum pop, resulting in something a little more kid-friendly than the more soulful, mature-sounding covers they’ve whipped up over the past year, like their take on Lana Del Rey‘s “American” and Frank Ocean‘s “Thinkin ‘Bout You.”

But will it resonate — or better yet, harmonize — with the public? Only time will tell.

The Better Together EP’ will be released on October 22. (iTunes)

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