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K/DA Are Back & They Just Want ‘MORE’

The virtual girl group ascends to the throne.

“You look like you could use some more…”

Generally speaking, the Art of Wanting More always plays out well in pop – “gimme, gimme more,” “more, more, more,” “gimme just a little bit more…” – and K/DA are here to further illustrate this Pop Truth on Wednesday (October 28) in the form of “More,” the latest offering from their forthcoming All Out EP, out on November 6. (No idea what this is all about? Find out.)

Our original K/DA girls are all back together to voice the Legends, as well: Jaira Burns, Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-DLE, and of course, Madison Beer. (Rise up, Beercans!)

There are also some new (virtual) faces and voices: Lexie Liu, and digital influencer-turned-playable character Seraphine.

The in-your-face, maximalist pop anthem borrows from the most bold output of K-pop girl groups – BLACKPINK most obviously (especially with their trusty scribe Bekuh BOOM featured as a co-writer), but also acts like CLC – to deliver a fire, trap-tinged modern banger.

The mile-a-minute opening rap verse alone from Soyeon – “Akali that girl, ‘Kali go grr / ‘Kali don’t stop, ‘Kali don’t skrrt” – is absolutely flames, setting the tone and supplying strong Cardi B vibes.

That battle cry of a pre-chorus is another victory for Madame Beer (“All I’ll ever know is life up on a throne..“), and that massive chorus recalls the catchy cut that kicked it all off, “POP/STARS.”

Seraphine and Lexie Liu jump in later for a surprise half-Chinese, half-English bridge, providing a cute ponytailed guest feature before joining the rest of the girls for the fierce finale.

Quite simply, they done did it again.

Enough cannot be said about the music video itself: it’s such a smooth and spot-on take on a K-pop video, full of slick animation, fierce choreography, floating furniture and statues (a K-pop clip staple!), bright colors and ample nods to the champ’s signature League of Legends abilities, keeping it all subtly tied to the game at hand. The animators truly deserve all the hype.

The song alone is a bop, but for the global pop enthusiasts, it’s especially thrilling to hear English, Korean and Chinese all in one song. Keep breaking down those international barriers, ladies! K/DA is super ambitious in scope – global pop stars, elaborate animated videos, music, all tying back to a globally massive video game franchise with elaborate social media lore to forge the girl group’s backstory – and they’re pulling it all off so, so well.

And for those who still want more (moah), you’re in luck: the rest of the EP, including vocal contributions from TWICE, Kim Petras and Aluna, is still on the way.

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