Lady Gaga Lights Up With New ARTPOP Snippet, “Mary Jane Holland”


Like an ArtMoth to an ArtFlame burned by the fire, Mother Monster’s love is blind — can’t you feel her aura?

Lady Gaga‘s #ARTPOPPromo rages on: After premiering her latest Reverse Warholian Expedition and gracing the stage for a fumbly, fun performance of “Venus” and “DOWHATCHURWAHWIMAH BAHHHHDAY” on X Factor UK, Sister Swine’s just hit us with a brand new album track snippet —  “Mary Jane Holland.”

The newest song is a pummeling, intricately layered electronic production that immediately brings Born This Way to mind — specifically those thicker slabs of EDM like “Heavy Metal Lover” and “Bloody Mary.” It’s sleek and sexy — if not sort of unintelligible from the overpowering wall of sound — but something nice and complex for the ear. Gaga herself is moaning and groaning and cooing her way through in a synthy ode to that not-so-legal medicinal herb. (I believe Princess RiRi is also a close friend to Mary.)

The stand-out moment? “I know that mom and dad think I’m a mess / But it’s alright, because I am rich as piss / When I ignite a flame and put you in mouth, the grass lights up my insides and my brunette starts to sprout,” she bellows. I’m not sure anyone really wants to picture your brunette spouting, Aphrodite Seashell Bikini Lady Gagaloo — but we’re sure glad you’re wearing those garden panties.

There’s a lot to take in both lyrically and sonically, so take a big hit of “Mary Jane Holland,” lay back, close your eyes and let this ARTPOP take you anywhere.

ARTPOP will be released on November 11. (iTunes)

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