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So it’s been a full week since the leak of Danity‘s fabulous Welcome to the Dollhouse, and I refrained from posting a complete review until I allowed myself time to hear the album several times over. I ended up liking some tracks more than I did during the track-by-track leak last week, but the overall rating of the album remains the same.

I’ve continuously said it, but this is a strong release. “Sucka For Love”, which I included in the download section below, is a truly shimmering moment. It’s like getting sucked into a warm tunnel of glitter (Mariah Carey‘s vagina). Even “Ecstasy” and “Lights Out” shine for me, though they weren’t initial favorites at first; they’ve got such unforgettable melodies above drippy bass beats…I love it! The phrasing is really key on these songs, as well as the entire album; it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with the girl’s stuttering, stops, and sexified grunts. The CD may not be full of five-scale riffs, but its undeniably slippery with talent. And those are just the non-dance oriented tracks!

“Damaged” remains a jewel of pulsating perfection, and seems to get richer with age. I still can’t get over the first bit of each verse. Aubrey’s such a st-st-stutterer and it’s so, so appetizing. “2 Of You” is the unexpected garage-rock-lite tune breaks the Danity trip-hop mold, and sounds so much better on a booming stereo system. The hand-claps are all shades of brilliant here: it’s just smart pop! “Pretty Boy” grows steadily. If I’m not wrong, it feels more polished than the initial leak during the first single competition. And of course there’s “Strip Tease”, the Pussycat Dolls-esque racy romp through cabaret beats and a perfect electro stinger during the chorus. I just love it when Shannon(?) breaks out the “I know you like it, the way I do it private” bit in the first verse. It’s sex.

All of the tracks share a similar warm synth sound, making the album a well meshed compilation of beautiful electro-hop. Don’t wait around for some vocal exercises on this album, because they’re not here. Just bounce-happy melodies and seriously sharp pop bars. I remain confident in my ranking. This is top notch, Bad Boy produced or otherwise.

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DL: Danity Kane – Sucka For Love
DL: Danity Kane – 2 Of You
DL: Danity Kane – Strip Tease
DL: Danity Kane – Bad Girl ft. Missy Elliot

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