In the words of Lambs ’round the world: YASSSS MARIAH CAREY, OMG YOU LOOK SO GOOD YASSSSSSS.

Queen Mimi has just emancipated the stunning artwork for her upcoming single, “The Art Of Letting Go,” on Instagram. She’s having a festive beach moment, letting go of all her cares artfully while wading in the water at sundown — “Underneath The Stars,” if you will. Gawgeous, dahhhling!

Mariah recently teased the Rodney Jerkins-produced single in a trailer, full of subtle whistle notes and lush orchestral flourishes. While we still have no idea what the actual song sounds like, Queen Carey told CNN “there’s an emotion to it.”

14 days left. Who could possibly be prepared?

“The Art of Letting Go” will be released on November 11. (iTunes)