Snooki, Unlikely Hero Of The Britney Army, Does Serious “Work Bitch” Promo on ‘Dancing With The Stars’


The times, they are a changin’.

If you said to me three years ago that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Goddess of the Jersey Shore, was going to be a key player in helping to support the longevity of “Work Bitch” on iTunes, I would have been all like…


Wait, wuh? Huh?

But in case you haven’t seen her lately, Miss Snooks has seriously stepped up her game over the past year after signing up for the latest season of Dancing With The Stars. She’s in fantastic shape — and she can bust a move.

Tonight, the known Britney stan took to the dance floor with her partner Sasha Farber to perform her jazz routine using The Holy Spearit’s “Work Bitch” (err, “Work Work”) as a tribute to her son (aww) — and she absolutely annihilated. Seriously!

The pint-sized pickle enthusiast tore up the stage, launching into backflips with ease and getting thrown around the stage like Brit Brit in a wobbly helicopter in the desert. Also, that booty slap shuffle? It was all so, so good!

We salute you, Snooki — thank you for doing Godney’s work.

“Work Bitch” was released on September 16. (iTunes)

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