Thanks to PopJustice!, we now have a smattering of information regarding my favorite indie-electro, bubble-gum pop blonde star from Norway’s second release. You can read the full write-up directly from the site, or savor these deliciously summarized bullet points:

+ The new album will be called Don’t Stop.

+ She has collaborated with Xenomania, Timo, and Richard X over the past year for production.

+ Xenomania-produced “My Love Is Better” is a sure-fire hit single featuring the ladies of Girls Aloud. The song sounds like the Aloud’s “Long Hot Summer” and “You Freak Me Out.”

+ “Sweet,” another Xenomania creation, is another big one.

+ The one I’ve been dying to hear, merely for its name (“Songs Remind Me Of You”) will be finally unveiled.

+ There’s a song called “Loco” which channels some Blondie and features some silly lyrics.

+ “Heaven & Hell” sounds like Saint Etienne and features some sassy lyrics.

+ The album also features a fair share of slower, experimental tracks.

+ “When The Night” is Annie’s first power ballad.

+ “Marie Cherie” proves that Annie’s got some troubled thoughts.

+ “Take U Home” is a “gothic n’ ghostly electro-ballad.” Sounds like the theme song to my life, am I right?

+ “Misery” is another track off the album that is amazing.

+ And finally, a tracklisting (tentative):

1. Girlfriend
2. Loco
3. Sweet
4. My Love Is Better
5. Marie Cherie
6. Take U Home
7. When The Night
8. What Do You Want (Breakfast Song)
9. Bad Times
10. Heaven & Hell
11. Perfectly Honest
12. Songs Remind Me Of You
13. Misery (Duet w/ Frederick from Datarock)

+ Annie doesn’t know how to count, as evidenced in her 10-12 track skip on the PJ page. Stop fucking with my mind, woman.

In retrospect, I really could have linked that article and saved myself the fairly redundant posting of information. I forgive myself.

No, No, No

No, No, No

Nice idea while it lasted

Disco Ho

Disco Ho

So, let’s see

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