Britney Visits Children’s Hospital and Raises Money For Charity, Remains Selfless Angel


While your faves concern themselves with charts, promotional performances and sales, Perfume Enthusiast and Labor Advocate Britney Spears is busy being a flaw-free blessed angel sent from above, spreading her Spearitual healing powers throughout the world and just generally being our Brightest Morning Star (REFERENCE).

Earlier today, Godney made a surprise trip to Children’s Hospital of Orange County to visit with patients, take photos, sit down for an interview and show the girls how to do makeup. (Quick guide: French finger tips, red lips, bitch is dangerous.) She even went upstairs to the patient floors for those who couldn’t come down to the broadcast! (I’m tearing up. We’re unworthy!)

From the Ryan Seacrest Foundation:

Today, patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, received a very special treat when Grammy Award winning artist, Britney Spears, stopped by for a visit. Upon arrival, Spears happily sat down for an interview in Seacrest Studios, where her biggest fans from the hospital, Saylor, Christine, and Perla were able to ask her questions about her career, her favorite things, and her upcoming album. During the interview, Spears even gave the girls advice on her daily makeup routine.
After the interview, Spears stayed in the studio to handout personalized copies of the Smurfs 2 soundtrack (featuring her song “Ooh La La”), to each patient. After her meet and greet, Spears asked to meet patients that were not able to come down to the broadcast, and continued her visit up on patient floors. The patients were ecstatic to meet and take pictures with the singer!
We are very thankful for Britney’s visit today…a visit the patients will never forget!


And that’s not all!

The #WORKBXXCH icon’s 32nd birthday is coming up on December 2, but instead of Boogattis and Masehrahtehs, Brit Brit wants you to get to work, bitch — and then donate your funds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She even wrote a special letter on St. Jude’s site (Comic Sans trigger warning):

Dear Fans,

It’s that time of year again when we pause to reflect upon what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful to have the most amazing fans in the world who have been there for me through everything! December is a busy month for me. My new album, Britney Jean, drops on 12/3. My Las Vegas show, Britney: Piece of Me, kicks off 12/27 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. And, on 12/2 it’s my birthday!

This year, I’m doing something different for my birthday. I’m dedicating it to the kids of St. Jude. Help me out by not buying me a gift this year. Buy them a gift instead — the gift of another birthday. Why St. Jude? Since opening in 1962, treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing and food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. That’s right: the best care in the world, for free, because of people like us. Now that’s something worth celebrating.

Let’s get this party started. Love always, Britney


Sure, B-Girl may not have any interest in doing much #BritneyJeanPromo while rehearsing for Live In Las Vegasney, but when she’s doing beautiful things with her time like this…who cares?

All that being said, there is a small matter of Britney Jean business (less than 10 days to go!) to attend to: There’s a new “Perfume” remix in town — and it’s great. The reliable Chew Fu just put his spin on the track, giving it a really cool, fun and urban uptempo spritz in the pants. God, it’s good to hear her Vocalney belting on top of a beat, yeah?


‘Britney Jean’ will be released on December 3. (iTunes)

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