By now, you’ve already got Sia swirling ’round your brain this week thanks to Britney‘s “Perfume,” her intoxicating ballad off of the Pop Princess-turned-Queen of Pop’s upcoming album, Britney Jean.

But now, it’s time for #SomethingMoreExperimental.

Sia’s lent her masterful vocals to a track by Brooklyn duo CREEP — otherwise known as Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax. This isn’t the first time Sia’s worked with Lauren (of the Flax variety), either: They also teamed up for 2009’s “You’ve Changed.”

“Dim The Lights” is the final track off of the duo’s upcoming debut album, Echoes (which also includes features from Alpines and Miike Snow vocalist, Andrew Wyatt). “You lick your wounds again, you play the victim / You milk the misery,” she soulfully croons. The track is already a heaven-sent production thanks to the angelic strings, swirling ambient sound and twinkling bells in the production, but it’s Sia’s almighty wailing in the chorus that sends the track hurtling into another dimension: “Dim the liiiiights!

Turn the lights out and push play.

Echoes will be released on November 12. (iTunes)