Make Love Like Strangers

Now that I have your attention.

This is Christian George. He wears many hats (dancer, choreographer, actor). Clothing? Not as much of a fan. I’ll allow for it. The man’s worked with Britney and Justin as a dancer, and Kanye as a stylist, and he seems to have a career path paved just about everywhere in entertainment. The next step? Conquering the dancefloor. Yep, time to go pop. I recently got a hold of his first single, “Strangers.” The introduction was a little iffy, but once the song kicked in, I got the picture. The song is a drippy up-tempo full of intergalactic beats and a nice, seductive vocal offering. It’s fulfilling, and perfect for the summer heat rolling around the corner. And hey, sometimes we could all use a mindless sex romp now and then. Am I right or am I right?

As for a MuuMuse Excluusive, here’s Christian’s new single, “Strangers” streaming in full.

For more, click here to visit Christian’s MySpace.

The GAME is On
Perfume Game

The GAME is On

Both of their album covers are mind blowing eyegasms and you can almost see the

Suit Up Everyone

Suit Up Everyone

Maybe it was fortunate that I posted about Christian George so soon…he

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