Nina Persson, “Animal Heart”: The Lead Single From The Cardigans’ Singer’s Solo Album


Tonight has truly proven to be a revelation of the Swedish variety: Nina Persson, the iconic frontwoman for The Cardigans (“Lovefool,” if you know absolutely nothing else), just dropped a solo single — her first major release since 2009’s Colonia with A Camp, her side-project with husband Nathan Larson and guitarist Niclas Fris.

The new track is called “Animal Heart,” and it’s just great. Really, really great! Classic Nina — big pop hooks and swirling, synth-y production. “My ocean, my heart, anchor you to me / You can blink like a star, sink like a stone in the sea,” Nina croons. Her lyrics are always so evocative and beautiful, aren’t they? I’ll answer that for you: They are.

The song is part of her upcoming solo album (her first ever all by her lonesome self!), due out on January 29. (Here, see? She’s recording in this trailer from Universal! And this one, too!) I guess you could say that Nina’s getting a little more…Perssonal.

Watch below as Nina takes a casual stroll through her uptown neighborhood to buy some milk. Apparently, she lives in New York City — and has lived there for a while! — which is news to me. Then again, I don’t really know how I could have known that, unless I walked into Nina Persson going out for milk or whatever, BUT ANYWAY.

It’s really just a very standard trip to the corner store. After all, who doesn’t have a troupe of dainty dancers trailing behind, weather backdrop holders, freak rainstorms and complete strangers who snag your milk away in the middle of the street? (Actually, that can all happen.)

This is all very exciting, especially considering the fact that Nina Persson does not make bad pop music. It’s so wonderful to hear her voice gracing the speakers again!

And now, I’ll be prowling the streets to catch the songstress going out for another carton of milk.

‘Animal Heart’ will be released on January 29. (Some Swedish Web Store)

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