Say Lou Lou — MuuMuse’s favorite Swedish-Australian twin sister act, hands down — have stayed Slay Lou Lou’ing for well over a year now with their gorgeous, melancholy dream-pop tunes: From “Julian” and “Maybe You,” to their Tame Impala reworking, to the first song from their double A-side major label debut single “Better In The Dark,” which premiered last month.

Now, the girls have just dropped the accompanying B-side (which, according to their rep, is also the second A-side) “Beloved” on Pitchfork and — oh my actual GOD.

The song sees the sisters squaring off against their lovers (and/or oppressors), who seem just about impossible to please. “To whom do you compare me / Recreate to mold me?” a voice whispers (is that Miranda or Elektra?) above spacey ambient noise, conjuring a touch of the cinematic quality of Lana Del Rey.

“If I’m your beloved, then why I don’t I fit?” they plead above a chilly guitar strum and solid drum stomp which, as Pitchfork also suggests, sounds like a distant cousin to Tegan & Sara‘s Heartthrob. And then, the track fills out gorgeously with sparkling electronica: “We lie together but I feel so low / When I give everything I have to you, why is it never enough?” Too real, Say Lou Lou! 50 shades of too real.

The bridge lifts the track higher, still: “Take, take, twist, shake / Tell me what you want from me!” they beg. Chills all over the place. Seriously, it’s even better than the first A-side. So beautiful. And devastating.

UPDATE: No wonder it’s so good — the song was co-written by Hannah Robinson. Y’know, of Rachel Stevens “So Good” fame.

One thing’s for sure: This is going to be one hell of a debut album.

The ‘Better In The Dark EP’ will be released on November 25. (iTunes)