Meet Alexander Ryberg & Tom Liljegren, the Swedish duo known as Max Elto.

You might have already heard them once on David Guetta‘s “Just One Last Time,” credited as Taped Rai. They’ve since changed their name to Max Elto — a LYLAS to Fifth Harmony situation, basically. Together, they make very emotive synth-pop, as featured on their 2014 debut, the Taped Rai EP

MuuMuse reader Calen J. tipped me off to their newest single, “Somebody Like You,” released in late February. And it’s big.

The arena-sized song has a kind of ’80’s sheen, complete with thunderous, Phil Collins-like drum fills and light flares of Violator-era Depeche Mode synthesizers. But the song itself is pure, sparkling Scandi-pop greatness, bringing Donkeyboy to mind. That chorus is an almost irresponsibly catchy hook from the very first play (“Some-bah-day….LIKE you!“) And that climactic falsetto drop in the bridge? Oooof. Sublimely crafted, to be honest.

Put this one on repeat, along with some other pop gems, on the MuuTunes March Spotify playlist.

And I don’t even mind them asking about the time that I spent with you/And I don’t even mind them asking ’cause I know it’s true…

“Somebody Like You” was released on February 23. (iTunes)