‘Tis the season to give thanks to our favorite pop stars for all of their selfless acts of chart slayage, iconic hair flips and legendary songwriting over the past year. And so, I’ve decided to create a special MuuMuse holiday called #ThankfulThursday: A day of giveaways for some of my favorite recent pop releases!

First came Sky‘s Night Time, My Time. Then came Zendaya‘s self-titled debut. And then, BANKSLONDON EP.

Now, #ThankfulThursday comes to an end in the form of a Reverse Warholian Experience like no other: Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP! Unless you’ve been living underneath a Koons gazing ball, you already know that Sister Swine unveiled her fourth studio album on November 11. There’s been a ton of chatter, hype and hate surrounding the #1 selling record — have you checked out the review yet? — but with smash singles “Applause” and “DOWHATCHAWAHWIMAH BAHHHDAY (feat. R. Kelly)” and songs like “G.U.Y,” “Venus” and “Gypsy,” it’s one hell of a good time. (#StopTheDramaStartTheMusic, as one might say.)

MuuMuse is giving away 5 copies of ARTPOP.

You can enter to win in one of two ways:

1.) Follow @MuuMuse and tweet me with: “I want to go on a Reverse Warholian Expedition with @MuuMuse! #ThankfulThursday”


2.) Leave a comment below with the title of your favorite song from ARTPOP.

5 winners will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday, November 28. US entries only.

‘ARTPOP’ was released on November 11. (iTunes)