The “Dreaming Mix” of Britney’s “Perfume” Smells Even Better, But The Lyric Video Stinks


In case you weren’t already aware (who could blame you, really?), The Legendary Miss Britney Spears has a new studio album coming out on December 3 — which is in, like, under two weeks or whatever. It’s called Britney Jean.

“Perfume” is the next single from the album, which was co-penned by Sia and Chris Braide, and co-produced by Professional Pop Goblin/Titan of All Things Terrible, will.i.cant.

You obviously already know all that because of the relentless Britney Jean album promo going on over the past few weeks, which includes daily illegal album track leaks and…well, that’s about it. (Vegas though, am I right?!)

Last night, the “Dreaming Mix” of “Perfume” — which was produced solely by Chris Braide — found its way upon the Interwebz (I’m not posting a link, because duh). It’s much more moody and dark — a much, much better match for the emotion of the track than the more thunderous will.i.cant version. But, oh well! Tacking it onto the deluxe edition will do, I suppose!

And that’s not all!

Today, Team Spears uploaded an accompanying lyric video for “Perfume,” which is a complete waste of your time, my time, the cameraman’s time, Body Doubleney’s time, the cheap hotel’s time and everyone else’s time. Seriously, I get it: It’s just a lyric video, but why bother? Why not just put words on the screen and leave it at that? What’s even happening, exactly?

From what I can see, Legendtina is snooping around Britney’s Days Inn hotel room to try and replace all her fragrance bottles with Red Sin, Royal Desire and Christina Aguilera By Night. Who is that girl? It’s surely not Britney. And what kind of off-brand perfume bottles are those? Did they seriously shoot a basic budget lyric video for a song called “Perfume” without using Britney’s own fragrances?

Britney Jean is currently slaying faves and snatching wigs at #70 on the iTunes Albums Chart. Just throwing it out there, Adam and Larry: It’s not too late to push back this album and give it the love it actually deserves.

And that’s some truth tea, served hot.


‘Britney Jean’ will be released on December 3. (iTunes)

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