Demetria “Dr. Demi” Lovato spent the bulk of 2012 giving our hearts a break, only to then cart out the EKG machine and serve up a serious “Heart Attack” in 2013. (And, in her spare time, she dabbled in some casual patriotism with “Made In The USA.”)

Since then, she’s dyed her hair blue (sure!) and decided to head down to where all the magic happens — the dance floor! — to get our hearts freaking out yet again with her first-ever straight up club offering from Demi: “Neon Lights.”

The song’s a tune, for sure — it’s all about burning up LAHYK NEEONAH LAAHHHTSSS on the dance floor, and it’s full of those powerful Demi yelps (“AHHHHHH!!!!!”) that you all know and adore. Naturally then, the track’s perfectly suited for some killer remixes.

Today, the full suite of “Neon Lights” remixes was just released to iTunes, including sensational offerings from two of my bbs — Betty Who and Belanger. Obviously I play favorites, so those two are the best. But the whole collection’s truly slick, featuring the techno-y Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 mix, the reliably great Jump Smokers and Madonna remix legend Tracy Young.

Stream ’em below, and then let them burn up your wallet on iTunes.

“Neon Lights (Remixes EP)” was released on November 19. (iTunes)