While you were out getting turnt in the clurb high on purp with some shades on last night, the legendary Miss Britney Spears was sitting at home blessing lessers with a 15-minute fan Q&A for Saturday Night Online.

She covered a range of topics during the (amazingly lively) chat — from her favorite food (pepperoni pizza) to her favorite ballad (“Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know” (!)) to the songs she wished were singles: “I did a song with Moby on In The Zone and I thought that was a really, really cool song. I always wish that could have been a single [‘Early Mornin”] and a song that I did called ‘Touch Of My Hand’, I wish that could have been a single as well.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In The Zone deep cut acknowledgement?


And then, B-Girl was asked about a dream duet in pop — and said a thing that would get stan hearts a-flutterin’.

“I would do a duet with Lady Gaga. I think that would be a lot of fun. I think she’s very different and interesting and intricate, and I like her as an artist, so probably her.” (She also said she’d duet with Gwen Stefani, which is equally “Yassss!“)

Gaga, being the devoted Godney stan that she is, was clearly sitting at home last night knitting, sipping tea and watching the Saturday Night Online interview, because she took to Twitter a few hours later with this:

Is anyone even slightly prepared mentally, physically or Spearitually? Could anyone even possibly handle the utter slayage of “Alien (feat. Aphrodite Seashell Bikini Lady)” or “Venus (feat. Godney Jeansus)”? And the video — Gaga and Britney doing hairflips, spraying Circus Fantasy and Fame in the air while juggling Koons balls and Starbucks cups? No. No one is prepared.

Two pop titans. Two abusive Internet stanbases. One massive collaboration. Now get to work, bitches.