Legendtina Performs ‘Hunger Games’ Anthem “We Remain” on ‘The Voice,’ Reigns Supreme

LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (New York, NY) — GRAMMY Award-winning La Tempestad theme song crooner, true lover of music and devoted mother Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera has just performed her iconic Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack anthem, “We Remain,” for the first time on live television during tonight’s episode of The Voice.

For the performance, the “Your Body” diva graciously decided to share the stage with her team member and fan, Jacquie.

Did she have any words of encouragement before going out there? “You know what,” the Back To Basics icon explained to us in her dressing room following the performance, “I did. I could tell she was really nervous to perform with me — a veteran who has flourished in this industry for, what, well over a decade now? But I said to her: ‘Remember Jacquinta, this night isn’t about you. Or me. Well, it’s mostly about me . Let’s just get out there and show them how rich and textured your voice truly sounds underneath mine — and if you fuck it up, you’ll be spinning ’round in circles on my middle finger.’ She looked empowered, just like all my fighters out there.”

We complimented the Lotus legend on her gorgeous red dress, and noted that it matched the festive red theme of fellow vocalist Kelly Clarkson‘s Christmas album. “Wrapped in who?” Legendtina asked in between sips of her upcoming line of weight loss herbal teas, Desnudatea. “Ah, Kendall Clarksmith. Yes. I’m not as familiar with the contestants from lesser talent shows, but I wish her well on her journey toward relevance. It’s inspiring to hear that other artists are following in the way of My Kind Of Christmas. Humbling, even.”

The already iconic, show-stopping performance sent audience members to their feet immediately, as the Mi Reflejo siren fearlessly sailed through octaves, confidently belting with gusto, glam and vanity. Immediately, critics began lauding the performance: The Honolulu Tribune-Herald proclaimed the rendition “about as riveting as live entertainment gets,” while a reporter from the Toronto Star breathlessly described the performance as “Didn’t catch it, but seriously loving ‘Partition’ on the new Bey album right now.”

When we asked the “Vanity” songstress about the curious moment in which she began to seemingly tug on her mentee’s hair (see above), Legendtina cackled loudly. “Yes, well, it’s important to send a clear message to anyone even attempting to upstage me on my own stage: Watch your wig, bitch.”

Would that also be considered shots fired at tomorrow night’s guest performer, professional David Bowie impersonator, Lady Gaga? Legendtina scoffed, eying a glitter and goo-soaked baseball bat in the corner of her dressing room.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have nothing but respect for Larry Gaga. I still don’t know if that’s a man or a woman, but they can do what they want with their career.”

2013, of course, has been a banner year for the GRAMMY Award-winning chanteuse, notching two Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100: “Feel This Moment,” her stirring collaboration with professional bulge Pitbull as well as “SAY! Something,” a powerhouse duet with fans A Great Big World. But what about her spare time during the holiday season? “What downtime?!” Legendtina cackled at us. We asked if the Legend had any time over the weekend to indulge in pop contemporary Beyoncé‘s visuals from her surprise album, she sat up and beamed.

“Oh, yes! Oh God, absolutely beautiful. Beautiful. It’s a gorgeous temple.” When asked to clarify further, Legendtina sounded slightly confused. “Are we not both talking about the Biyun Si, the ancient temple in Beijing?”

The Voice finale airs tomorrow night.


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