Mrs. Kelly Brianne Clarkson Blackstock, born Kelegendary Brimmaculate Clarksgod, was put upon the Earth for one reason: To sing.

We are not worthy of her talent. We are not worthy of the soulful belting. We are not worthy of the sweet crooning. We are not worthy of the high notes. We are not worthy of the low notes. We are not worthy of any of the notes.

“Underneath The Tree,” as we’ve already determined, is this year’s best Christmas song — and potentially, a New Christmas Classic on the level of Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” (Also, Wrapped In Red is incredible. There is an Imogen Heap cover. Like, hello.)

And now, there’s this: A video documenting Kellegend’s incredible live performance of the track during her upcoming comedic (!!!) Christmas special, Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, debuting on December 11.

It’s very simply note-for-note flawlessness, giving me all of the feelings, just like when she so effortlessly nailed “Stuff Like That There” on American Idol. (Yeah, I went there. I’ve been here for the whole sleigh ride.)

So good. So festive. So yes. YASSSS, KELLAYYYYYYYY.

‘Wrapped In Red’ was released on October 29. (iTunes)