“Are you that somebody? Are you?”

Agnes doesn’t necessarily come around all that often, but whenever she does, she never gets it wrong. Ever.

In fact, the “Release Me” Swedish Idol – literally, she won the second season of Sweden’s Idol in 2005 – went nearly seven years in between releases until she finally returned to us with her fantastic Nothing Can Compare collection in 2019, including the hypnotic “I Trance,” followed by this past February’s “Goodlife.”

And now, mercifully, she’s back at it once again this year – this time with the joyous, string-filled, spiritually ecstatic excellence that is “Fingers Crossed” on Friday (August 21).

“‘Fingers Crossed’ was inspired by the sense that nothing is impossible, because nothing is impossible! It’s a song that can lift you up to new dimensions. Like a peaceful tank, it crushes everything in its way. The song does not excuse itself and I don’t excuse myself. I welcome you now to my party, and it’s my party so…I can do what I want to,” Agnes incredibly describes the song.

A Peaceful Tank? Sounds like the mode of transportation used by Kindness Punks on Chromatica. I’m in.

As is the general musical mood for the Main Pop Girls in 2020, Agnes has found herself inspired by the bright, kaleidoscopic sound of disco – although she’s never really strayed far from the dance-pop scene, to be fair! – providing a crucial pep in one’s step in these bleak times.

“I got my fingers crossed you’re not a holy ghost / Too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you,” she swoons across a four-to-the-floor, ABBA-esque mirrorball beat, supplying the same kind of woozy, love-drunk optimism as matching with a seemingly perfect hottie on one of the apps and immediately mentally planning the wedding.

The accompanying psychedelic music video was directed by SWIM CLUB, and inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film The Holy Mountain, as well as Swedish abstract artist Hilma Af Klint. (We love an inspired reference.) Agnes is a fortune teller, an orb queen, and a tarot card reader supreme (with a fierce unibrow, no less) – and if all her psychic abilities fail, she quite literally has her fingers crossed for some extra good luck.

“Music for me is very spiritual, and as an artist I see my work is to open up to myself and others to create something bigger than what we are,” Agnes explains.

Say no more, no finger crossing necessary: I’ll happily be in your church (cult), Agnes.

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Photo credit: Fredrik Etoall

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