Listen: Britney Spears, “Alien (Nick* & Country Club Martini Crew Club Remix)”

Singer Britney Spears

Feeling a little bit lonely this holiday season? Never fear: You’re not alone, not alone, not alone…

Ever since The Holy Spearit sorta-kinda-maybe confirmed “Alien” as an upcoming single earlier this week on her excellent Vegas documentary I Am Britney Jean, the Brit Brit Army/Godney Warriors have been heading down in droves to Area 51 for a close encounter of the Spearitual kind.

To help prepare us for #SomethingMoreExtraterrestrial in 2014, two reliably great remixers — Nick* (who you know and love him from all his many bangin’ Britney remixes, including the gorgeous orchestral remix of “Perfume”) and Country Club Martini Crew (who you know and love from that legendary remix of Legendtina’s “Your Body”, among other gems) — teamed up to supply us with a major B In The Mix of B-Girl’s William Orbit-produced journey into space.

There’s lots to love about this dance floor-ready club collaboration, including an almighty stuttering post-chorus breakdown (y’all know I live for the stutters!), as well as the ge-eh-nius inclusion of Ana Diaz‘s improvised demo session vocals toward the very end. (“Dah, dah, dah-dah…”)

Give this a spin and get ready to be head outta this world (REFERENCE).

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