Sevyn Streeter, ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ (EP Review)


Sevyn Streeter‘s “It Won’t Stop” is one of my favorite songs of 2013. Like, for sure.

Missed it over the summer? Remedy that situation at once. It’s one of the smoothest, slinkiest tracks I’ve heard this year; a lush blend of tripping R&B beats, heaven-sent melodies and a lazy summer strum. That cooed chorus alone! Oh, yes. Every time I hear it, I fall right back in love all over again. The track went on to secure a Chris Brown feature later on in the year, which led to some well-deserved chart recognition on the Hot 100.

Sevyn’s already quite accomplished as a singer-songwriter: She wrote Ariana Grande‘s “The Way,” Tamar Braxton‘s “All The Way Home” and Chris Brown’s “Fine China,” among others. But now, she’s stepping out as an artist in her own right with Call Me Crazy, But…, her debut solo EP. (Also, in case you weren’t already aware, she was once in RichGirl. She ain’t with ’em now, tho.)

The collection’s pretty scattered sonically, bouncing in between lots of different influences and flaunting her vocal versatility – there’s some of Love & Hip Hop Kween (and Rebellious Soul tour buddy) K. Michelle‘s heartfelt storytelling, like “B.A.N.S.” (that’s short for “Bitch Ass Ni**a Bullshit,” FYI). There’s some Aaliyah feel-good ’90’s R&B, and even some naughty-minded rudeness, a la her BFF Kelly Rowland. Like, how am I going to resist a bedroom freak anthem called “Sex On The Ceiling”?

My favorite, though (tho), is when she keeps the BPM down and the melodies strong, including the Dawn Richard-esque “Shattered” and “nEXT,” which both drift along across chill, electro-R&B vibrations.

Judging by Call Me Crazy, Sevyn’s still working out the exact sound that’ll work best for her upcoming debut LP. But for now, this is a tasty sampling of what’s to come, positioning Sevyn as one of the most promising R&B divas on the rise.

You can now listen to the entire Call Me Crazy, But… EP streaming below, courtesy of VH1.

1. “Come On Over”
2. “It Won’t Stop” feat. Chris Brown
3. “Sex on the Ceiling”
4. “Call Me Crazy”
5. “B.A.N.S.”
6. “Shattered”
7. “nEXT”

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‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ was released on December 3. (iTunes)

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