Sexy Dance

Ay–Ayumi dancing sexily? That’s Ayu’s shameless! Seems Ayumi has decided to do a few choreographed moves in her latest promotional video for a song from GUILTY called “(don’t) Leave Me Alone.” A pretty simple music video…so to make up for the lack of visual stimuli…sexy dance!! It’s like the “REAL ME” video revisited. Shock and panic follow. For non-Asian wannabes, Ayumi is known for song, not dance. That’s why everytime so busts a move, an entire branch of her fanbase shudders and collapses. But yeah, cute video.

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And you, what do you think?

Bad Decision

Bad Decision

For God’s sake ladies, get it together

Rebel Am I, Who Me? Oh, no.

Rebel Am I, Who Me? Oh, no.

I almost forgot

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