Remember the time that sensual seductress, living legend and #WORKBXXCH Britney Spears and Reverse Warholian Expedition-loving, seashell bikini-wearing ARTPOP Warrior Lady Gaga were toying with the idea of collaborating back in December?

Well, the Holy Spearit just took to Twitter this evening to bless us with a tweet:

Say you’re just a Koons, you’re a little li-yuh. Spill the sweet tea, Britney Jean!

Is Gaga coming to see Piece Of Me in Vegas?

Or are you putting down some mysterious dulcet vocals on “Mary Jane Holland (feat. Mona Lisa)”?

Or is she laying down some spacey verses on “Alien (feat. Vocal Glitch & Lady Gaga)”?

It’s probably Vegas, but we still want to know more (MOAH)…