Hey, remember that time Brit Brit uploaded “It Should Be Easy (feat. will.u.not)” onto her VEVO channel yesterday and nearly everyone started steaming like a pot full of vegetables?

Well, we’re stronger than yesterday.

Late last night, the sensual seductress uploaded Britney Jean Spearitual EDM ‘banga’ and deluxe track “Now That I Found You” onto her YouTube/VEVO page — an entirely more palatable option for Single #3. Why?

The lyrics.

“On a shameless night in a nameless place, I thought that love was a hopeless case ’til I found you/Lived a wasteful life in a hateful city/There was no love, just pain and pity ’til I found you.” Those are probably some of the deepest lines that Godney’s blessed us with in years. Chills, genuinely.

It’s Spearitualney.

We all know that if there’s anything B loves, it’s going to the light and seeing Jesus. Praise her light!

The beat breakdown sounds like Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.”

You knew that already, right? If not, go to the 1:24 mark of Avicii’s song. You might think that’s a bad thing — but it’s really not.

Case study: Consider the whole Katy Perry “Roar”/Sara Bareilles “Brave” debacle of last year. Seemed scandalous at first, right? But as it turned out, the general public didn’t actually give a shit if one song sounded like the other — they just wanted MOAH. So much so, both songs are now nominated for the same Grammy Award! If Britney’s song happens to remind The People of a global #1 EDM smash, it’ll probably perform well. (Also, the songs are completely different otherwise.)


Far from the chilly vocoded restraints of “It Should Be Easy,” Britney’s actually singing on “Now That I Found You.” That bridge? “All my life I’ve waited for this day, I’ve waited for you!” Urgentney. Emotiveney. Chanteuseney.

And of course, the important note of the song…


That signature Britney note before the breakdown alone is worth a single release.

Basically, “Now That I Found You” is just the right kind of left-of-center release from Britney Jean. It’s a different sound for Britney. And even if it doesn’t earn B-Girl a massive smash on the radio, well shit — at least it’s better than resorting to a by-the-numbers vocoder-filled club bop. She actually sounds alive and engaged on “Now That I Found You,” and that’s all I care about.

Ready to start the #BuyNowThatIFoundYouOniTunes promo?

“Now That I Found You” was uploaded to Britney’s VEVO on January 24. (iTunes)