Like a serving of grits without cheese, no one asked for this — but it’s here now.

“It Should Be Easy (feat. will.u.not)” was just added to Britney‘s VEVO/YouTube account this morning.

That’s right: Not “Alien.” Not “Til It’s Gone.” Not “Tik Tik Boom.” Nay, not even “Chillin’ With You” with Queen of Country, Jamie Lynn Spears — “It Should Be Easy.”

For the record (REFERENCE), according to The Very Official MuuMuse Poll, “It Should Be Easy” came in at #6 as the ideal next single off of Britney Jean, The Album For The Fans.

Nonetheless, the song’s already being serviced to radio by RCA (see this request form at KIIS FM for receipts), and as of a few weeks ago, four apparently official remixes surfaced online.

Let me tell you a fun fact about “It Should Be Easy”: It’s not very good.

Now don’t get me wrong — it doesn’t completely suck. If you take a step back and imagine that the robot speak-singing into your ears in between will.u.not’s nasal nonsense is just a no-name session singer, “It Should Be Easy” is a perfectly acceptable club jam that would probably go down real big at a shirtless twink club night called, like, Slip ‘N Slide.

But it’s not just a robot in those verses: It’s the Legendary Miss Britney Spears.

And let’s not get it twisted: This is still a thinly veiled song featuring Britney — not that it even sounds like her beneath all the overly produced noise. She’s vocoded to such a degree that it makes Heidi Montag‘s Superficial sound like an homage to Adele‘s 21.

As a single, this’ll do no favors for the defenders of Vocalney.

Let us come together and pray that this is only some sort of club promo — or just a sick joke at the paws of Hannah Spears.

It should be easy…but it’s not.