“Can’t Raise A Man”: Get Grown With K. Michelle


It’s time to let you all in on something: When I’m not listening to music, writing about music, thinking about music or attending a music-related event, I’m watching Love & Hip-Hop on my couch — usually with a bowl of Lucky Charms.

As a result, rising R&B diva K. Michelle has grown quite close to my heart over the past few years — not only because of her sage truth-telling, iconic shade and occasional flourishes of ratchetry, but for her soulful musical stylings as well.

This month, the Atlantic Records songstress is releasing the second single from her debut album Rebellious Soul (which hit #2 last August — not too shabby): “Can’t Raise A Man.”

“Can’t Raise A Man” is essentially an advice column about being too grown for an overgrown toddler (“he wasn’t raised right before you”) set to a smooth, slinky electro-R&B groove, armed with a melody that’s (almost shamelessly) similar to Nelly and Kelly Rowland‘s “Dilemma.” It’s a solid, heartfelt jam: Those melodic hooks are pretty undeniable — as is K.’s over-the-top belting.

The track just debuted at #49 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart this week — and judging by the adds at radio lately, it should steadily grow.

If nothing else, “Can’t Raise A Man” will tide us over until the Grammy-snubbed K. Michelle drops her Valentine’s Day mixtape, Still No Fucks Given.

Praise her light.


‘Rebellious Soul’ was released last August. (iTunes)

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