MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated of 2014 (Part Two!)

Yesterday (or actually, very early this morning), I kicked off our look into the future with the first round of MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated of 2014. So why stop now?

Here’s the second installment, featuring some of the most promising records due out this year.

Nothing takes the past away like the future…


Sia, TBD (Sixth Studio Album)

What it is: Pop’s most in-demand, anti-celebrity songwriting superstar tip-toeing into the spotlight.
Expected shelf date: March
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: Greg Kurstin
What we know: Over the past four years, she’s penned smashes for the likes of all the almighty pop deities, from Queen Celine to Rihsus, Beysus, Legendtina and The Holy Spearit. She’s smashed the club charts with David Guetta. She’s dominated soundtracks with Diplo. You name it, she’s probably got a track on it. And now, she’s about to reveal the stuff she wanted to keep for herself.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: That signature soulful warble (imitated endlessly by every pop star who’s taken on one of her tracks), layered on top of killer pop hooks and devastatingly beautiful ballads.


Rihanna, TBD (Eighth Studio Album)

What it is: Pop’s most rih-liable hit-maker rih-inforcing her continued reign.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: DJ Mustard, Nicky Romero, David Guetta
What we know: Like Christmas, tax season and Brit Brit’s birthday, no year is truly complete without an album from Our Faithful Navy Commander, Rihanna. Yet last year, RiRi pulled a fast one on all of us by opting out of the usual cycle and touring all year long instead — which is probably why 2013 felt so meh. But the Illuminati Instagram Princess is gearing up for a grand return in 2014: As of last summer, Nicky Romero told MTV that he was working on a “Right Now” follow-up with David Guetta for RiRi. And just days ago, DJ Mustard (of Tyga‘s “Rack City”) rih-vealed a club cut was on the way from the Barbadian beauty.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: RiRi writes the rules for radio these days — I’m down for anything. I’m G4L, baby.


Shakira, TBD (Tenth Studio Album)

What it is: The return of the Latina Queen of Pop.
Expected shelf date: March 25
Confirmed tracks: “Can’t Remember To Forget You (feat. Rihanna),” “Truth Or Dare,” “Beautiful Disaster”
Production by: John Hill, Kid Harpoon, Steve Mac, Mark Bright, Busbee, The Messengers
What we know: Four years after 2010’s return-to-roots Sale el Sol, the Empress of Truth-Telling Hips returns in 2014 with what is seemingly a mainstream pop producer melee, beginning with her ska-leaning Caribbean Queen collabo (which RCA execs called the “event single” last year), “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” She’s already shot a video for “Truth Or Dare” as well, which sounds like uptempo fuego.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A blend of the “Whenever, Wherever”/”Ojos Asi” world sound mixed with modern “Men In This Town” ferocity, paving the way for fresh new sound on the radio in 2014.


Grace Jones, TBD (Eleventh Studio Album)

What it is: Ladies and gentlemen…Miss Grace Jones.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: Ivor Guest, Sly & Robbie, Dave Okumu, Dev Hynes
What we know: After an agonizing nine year wait between albums, the legendary Miss Grace Jones returned to the music scene in 2008 with her tenth studio album, Hurricane. Mercifully, it looks as though we won’t be waiting so long for the follow-up: Grace has again teamed up with Hurricane producer Ivor Guest, who has been providing infrequent progress updates on Tumblr about the upcoming album since June. Dev Hynes is reportedly involved as well. Most recently, they were working on a Sly & Robbie song with Dave Okumu (Jessie Ware) originally intended for Hurricane. He’s called the upcoming record “a very imaginative album that will surprise and survive” — and when Grace is involved, there’s no doubt about that.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Island rhythms. Modern textures. Wild howls. Operatic riffs. Scathing monologues about capitalism, feminism and modern society. And a little bit of disco to get us pulling up to the bumper all over again certainly wouldn’t hurt, either.


Hilary Duff, TBD (Fifth Studio Album)

What it is: A Disney princess-turned-young mommy’s bid for dance floor domination.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: TBD
What we know: It’s EDM. At least, that’s what she told us she’s into at Idolator. Although she started recording with a few promising collaborators, she’s since scrapped the efforts to go in a new, seemingly dance-oriented, “lyrically driven” direction — that sounds like a “more current” version of “Come Clean.” And with her recent separation from her fiancé, it sounds like we’ll be getting a whole lot of “Gypsy Woman,” “Happy” and “Play With Fire”-esque break-up angst. (Fingers crossed.)
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A dirtier, dancier Dignity.


Keri Hilson, TBD (Third Studio Album)

What it is: The return of an oft-shaded, underrated R&B diva.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: Polow da Don, Timbaland
What we know: Miss Keri Baby’s been through it over the past few years, evidently. Back in late 2011, she explained that the album was coming from a vulnerable place, saying “there’s a specific few people who ain’t gon’ like to listen to this album.” As of early last year, she said she’s “going back to emotional storyteller Keri Hilson,” and that the album’s “In A Perfect World meets No Boys Allowed, with a little twist.” Whatever she’s got brewing for 2014, it’ll be good. Shade as much as you’d like, trolls — you have Miss Keri Baby to thank for crafting three of the best songs on Britney’s Blackout.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Fierce electro-R&B in the vein of “I Like,” club bangers a la “The Way You Love Me,” and all the smashes that Britney’s team inevitably rejected while making Femme Fatale and Britney Jean.


Cheryl Cole, TBD (Fourth Studio Album)

What it is: Dreams that glitter — in solo form.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: TBD
What we know: Very little so far. Following the conclusion of Girls Aloud‘s Ten Tour (still crying thinking about it), Cheryl posted a photo inside a recording studio in July, proclaiming she was “back with my first true love.” She’s very serious about being a pop star — a SOLO pop star, ugh — and her latest attempt (A Million Lights) was her strongest one yet. Simon Cowell said it’s “very good.” Oh, and if the rumor mill’s to be believed, Nicola and Cheryl might be writing together. (The more Aloud spirit in the music, the better.)
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Less emphasis on balladry, more choreography-friendly uptempos and textured midtempos.


MNEK, TBD (Debut Album)

What it is: A pop wunderkind stepping out on his own.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “Every Little Word,” “What Good Is A Heart,” “FML”
Production by: MNEK (Duh)
What we know: 19-year-old singer-songwriter-producer-superstar MNEK has managed to establish himself in a variety of ways already: As a producer, he’s co-crafted smashes for The Saturdays, Misha B and Little Mix. As an vocalist, he’s been featured on cuts like Duke Dumont‘s #1 “Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E)” and “Hold On.” In November, he dropped a mixtape featuring snippets from the upcoming LP.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Fresh, funky pop with killer hooks and jaw-dropping melodies, providing a nod to the sounds from yesteryear.


Paris Hilton, TBD (Second Studio Album)

What it is: A trip to Ibiza with the fairest heiress in the world.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “Good Time”
Production by: Afrojack
What we know: It’s a House record. Way, way back in 2012, Princess Paris was allegedly due to drop a single called “After Midnight.” Didn’t happen. There was supposedly a comeback single coming with LMFAO. Didn’t happen either. But finally, after inking a deal with Cash Money Records last year, the “Screwed” siren delivered with her gloriously camp club cut, “Good Time.” She’s just shot the album artwork, and she plans to have a second single out soon with Snoop Dogg, followed by a third single with Flo Rida.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: EDM, Paris style. That’s hot. (Also, a sequel to “Fighting Over Me.”)


Florrie, TBD (Debut Album)

What it is: Xenomania’s secret weapon makes her major label debut.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “Live A Little”
Production by: Xenomania, MNEK, Fred Falke
What we know: As the in-house drummer for the UK’s most reliably amazing pop production haus Xenomania, Florrie’s been cutting her teeth on tracks for the likes of Girls Aloud and Mini Viva. Having since dropped a few fantastic EPs over the past few years, including Experiments and Late, she whipped out the horn-heavy “Live A Little” earlier in 2013 in a Sony commercial. In June, she premiered some seriously promising new tracks live at XOYO in London, including “Little White Lies,” “Stupid Boy” and “Looking For Love.”)
MuuMuse hopes to hear: The Xenomania productions we so desperately need to save pop music in 2014.

Stay tuned…

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