Beyoncé Teases New Song in H&M Commercial, Album Campaign Remains Messé


For a woman so maddeningly hellbent on cultivating an image of perfection, Beyoncé sure has been fuckin’ up with her latest campaign.

In the past few months, she’s premiered a no1curr buzz track, a hyped countdown leading to a Pepsi commercial celebrating her iconic-ish looks (only two or three are memorable, let’s be real) and a snippet of new song “Grown Woman,” a Superbowl performance with no new songs, a world tour with no new songs (until last night) and a highly hysterical ban on professional photographers in concert to avoid any and all unflattering photos (which I’m hoping leads to a single re-release called “Flaws & All (Just Kidding, Delete That Fucking Photo).”)

Now, another piece of the puzzle has emerged.

Earlier today, H&M premiered the Jonas Akerlund-directed commercial for their Bey-sponsored campaign, in which the pop superstar writhes around in the sand and sea, flaunting her curves in bomb-ass bikinis and flowing dresses. The real highlight, though, is the background music: “Standing On The Sun,” a new track penned by Sia and Greg Kurstin. It’s easy to tell it’s their work, too: Those bubbly beats are totally par for the course when the two hit the studio together (see also: Sia’s We Are Born).

The song’s tropical, tribal and completely summer-friendly, full of fiery lyricism (“Can you feel my heart burning?”) — and who doesn’t gag for heavy breathing? Not any Britney stan, that’s for sure. It’s some truly gorgeous Music Of The Sun! Oh, err, wait.

But seriously, it sounds pretty great! Let’s hope Bey actually, y’know, releases the song. Or any song. Is there even an album in the works? Or is this just an extension of 4? Paging Mathew Knowles!

Not that any of this matters: Once Kelendria Rowland, who actually puts songs on iTunes, releases Talk A Good Game in June, we’ll all be too busy arching our backs to notice.

“Standing On The Sun” is coming out sometime, eventually, maybe.

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