MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated of 2014 (Part One!)

Congratulations: If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully survived 2013.

It’s now time to stop with the intensely critical thinkpieces about ARTPOP, the lingering Britney Jean angst and the blasting of those fuckin’ Bangerz (and please, let us never see the word “twerk” again in 2014).

It’s a brand new year, which means there’s a whole year’s worth of pop music just around the corner to begin shaking, crying and stanning our little hearts out about.

To help us get excited about the future of music, I’ve put together my Most Anticipated Albums of 2014. (They’re also in no particular order, so please take a seat before unleashing fury in the comments section.)

This is part one. Let’s go.


Kylie Minogue, TBD (Twelfth Studio Album)

What it is: Mighty Aphrodite’s grand return.
Expected shelf date: 2Q (?) 2014
Confirmed tracks: “Into The Blue”
Production by: Pharrell, Ariel Rechtshaid, Greg Kurstin, MNEK, Cutfather, Metrophonic
What we know: After making a management switch over to Roc Nation in early 2013, Kylie’s spent the entire year in the studio with tons of different producers, resulting in what will surely be an eclectic set of tunes. In July, she told E! Online that the album would contain “some sparkle, some sex, some insouciance” (which would also double as an incredible album title, for the record). “Into The Blue,” the album’s lead single, will debut to the public in less than two weeks and promises to be a fresh, shimmering return to the dance floor.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Smart, sophisticated and glittery pop confections, with just the right amount of cheeky camp and coquettish fun — as only the legendary Kylie Minogue could ever provide.


Lana Del Rey, Ultraviolence (Third Studio Album)

What it is: The rebirth (or death?) of the American Dream.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “Black Beauty”
Production by: Rick Nowels
What we know: It’s coming, you little bitch. Lana’s been working on a follow-up to her masterful debut for some time now, although a steady stream of leaked demos — including “Black Beauty,” a song meant for the new album — briefly discouraged the process. Although she complained of a “fickle muse” and referred to Tropico as a “farewell” (causing some fans to fear an early retirement for the Coney Island Queen), it was only Lana’s way of saying goodbye the flawlessly executed Born To Die/Paradise era — and saying hello to a new one: Ultraviolence.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Lana’s proven to have a precise vision for her music and her visuals, and she’s yet to disappoint. I’ll listen to anything she does, so long as my bad baby’s still by my heavenly side.


Robyn, TBD (Eighth Studio Album)

What it is: The Queen of Sweden’s next groundbreaking sonic innovation.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: Patrik Berger, Style Of Eye, Röyksopp
What we know: Robyn had seemingly been working on new music ever since the Body Talk era concluded, tweeting about being in the studio with Patrik Berger and Style of Eye in early 2012. But in an interview last summer, she revealed she’d only just begun. But alas, a light at the end of the tunnel: “We are making music again,” Röyksopp announced upon the announcement of their joint tour in 2014. Fingers crossed that new music coincides with their upcoming tour.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: The freshest, sickest, most killing-est hip-pop and heartbreak disco tunes on the planet from the woman who has stayed ten steps ahead of the curve since the day she debuted.


JoJo, TBD (Third Studio Album)

What it is: A caged songbird finally being set free.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: TBD
Production by: TBD
What we know: #FREEDJOJO, at last. The thought of a JoJo album in 2014 was not even something we were remotely considering when the year first kicked off, given the highly publicized legal fuckery happening behind-the-scenes at Blackground Records. Miraculously, the talented diva has just been unchained from her 7+ (!) year record label leash, having now signed with Atlantic Records. She’ll surely be working with all new talent and writing all new material with her all new team (one or two songs dedicated to Blackground, please!) Whatever it is, it’ll be worth the wait.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Fresh, fierce power pop laced with attitude and #SomethingMoreUrban beats a la the Danja-produced “Sexy To Me,” as well as forward-thinking moody alt-R&B in the style of her jaw-dropping “Marvin’s Room” cover. JoJo’s one of the most talented vocalists in the game — the future’s looking bright now that we got our girl back.


Tinashe, TBD (Debut Album)

What it is: A promising R&B up-and-comer getting her major label break.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “2 On (feat. Schoolboy Q)”
Production by: DJ Mustard, Dev Hynes, Legacy, K-BeatZ
What we know: Having kicked off her career as a part of The Stunners, Tinashe already had a taste of success by the time she opted to go solo. After dropping two moody, forward-thinking R&B mixtapes, the sensual songstress signed a record deal with RCA, spending all of last year writing and recording for her 2014 major label debut. Yesterday, she dropped her slinky lead single “2 On (feat. Schoolboy Q),” a chilly, Cassie-like call-to-arms for the club.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A combination of the late night moodiness of her prior mixtapes with the radio-friendly punch of her pop roots, a la “Chainsaw.”


Say Lou Lou, TBD (Debut Album)

What it is: The dreamiest of synth-pop sister act debuts.
Expected shelf date: 2Q 2014
Confirmed tracks: “Better In The Dark,” “Beloved,” “Maybe You,” “Julian”
Production by: Addeboy Vs Cliff, Patrik Berger, Liam Howe, Rick Nowels, Richard X
What we know: Everything is beautiful and everything hurts. The impeccably stylish, drop dead gorgeous Swedish-Australian twin sister act has been supplying some of the most sumptuously dreamy, forlorn synth-pop tunes ’round for nearly two years — from “Maybe You” to their Columbia Records debut, “Better In The Dark.” And their song “Beloved,” which was co-penned by hit-maker Hannah Robinson (Kylie, Annie, Rachel Stevens), was easily a Top 10 song of 2013. With confirmed collaborations with acts like Richard X and Rick Nowels, the potential for true greatness on this debut only continues to grow.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Lush, synthesized heartbreak from start to finish.


Danity Kane, TBD (Third Studio Album)

What it is: Danity’s Revenge.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “Rage,” “All In A Day’s Work”
Production by: The Stereotypes, James Fauntleroy, Dem Jointz, Darkchild, Timbaland, Da Internz, FRESHM3N III
What we know: Hell hath no fury like an Aubrey O’Day scorned. After being unceremoniously dumped by Diddy following the release of Welcome To The Dollhouse in 2008, the girls went their separate ways for the next few years. Finally, after a not-so-private Danity Reunion Lunch in early 2013, four of the five girls (bye, D. Woods!) announced that they were finally making a Danity Komeback. Almost immediately, the newly reformed troupe began hitting the studio. The girls made their first public appearance together at the MTV VMAs, announcing the title of their upcoming comeback single (“Rage”), which reportedly has a “rockier” feel. DK ended the year by delivering a showstopping (REFERENCE) reunion show in Los Angeles last month that quickly restored faith in their 2014 return.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A continuation of the urban-pop goodness of Welcome To The Dollhouse — from “Damaged” to “Bad Girl” — full of stomping beats, melodic hooks and a whole lot of hair-whipping ferocity that will put girl groups back on Top 40 radio in the new year.


Broods, TBD (Debut Album)

What it is: Gloomy New Zealand pop, Lorde style.
Expected shelf date: TBD
Confirmed tracks: “Bridges,” “Never Gonna Change”
Production by: Joel Little
What we know: The handsome brother-sister act from New Zealand got our attention with their debut single “Bridges,” a moody, ethereal slice of synth-pop crafted by Joel Little — who also co-helmed Lorde’s Pure Heroine. After dropping a similarly brooding tune this month (“Never Gonna Change”), the duo announced a debut EP due out in the first week of February on Capitol Records.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Moody, moody moodiness.


Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour (Debut Album)

What it is: The UK’s Next Big Thing.
Expected shelf date: May 26
Confirmed tracks: “Money On My Mind,” “Lay Me Down” (Full tracklist)
Production by: Two Inch Punch, Naughty Boy, James Napier
What we know: After scoring massive international smashes with Disclosure (“Latch”) and Naughty Boy (“La La La”), the pressure is seriously on for Sam’s solo outing after being crowned the #1 artist to watch on the BBC’s coveted Sound of 2014 list. But Sam’s got in under control: His debut single “Money On My Mind” is a sharply crafted, hook-heavy critique of industry politics, and the solo songs he’s been debuting online — from “Lay Me Down” to “Nirvana” — have only continued to sound fresher with each upload.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Neo-soul with a modern twist that matches the versatility and complexity of the vocals.


Katy B, Little Red (Second Studio Album)

What it is: Four-to-the-floor pulsations from the UK’s leading sad disco siren.
Expected shelf date: February 10
Confirmed tracks: “5 AM,” “I Like You,” “Crying For No Reason” (Full tracklist)
Production by: Geeneus, Joker, Sampha, The Invisible Men, Guy Chambers
What we know: Trading in the dubstep garage wobble of her debut On A Mission, Katy’s set her sights on vintage ’90’s House pulsations for the bulk of her new record, serving up bleary-eyed late night depression on cuts like “5 AM,”Robyn-like sad disco on “Crying For No Reason.” and teaming up with Jessie Ware for a throbbing ode to jealousy on “Aaliyah.” Basically, it’s already one of the best dance records of the year.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: An even more assured Katy B taking control of the dance floor with a crisp, cracking set of sleek disco tunes made for dancing and crying the night away.

Stay tuned for more…

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