If you’ve been following MuuMuse for a hot minute, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Queen of Hearts, thanks to her (still) glorious “Neon/”Tears In The Rain” EP, as well as her lush cover of Ben Howard‘s “Only Love.”

While she’s been prepping material to seat herself on the throne among pop royalty in 2014, the UK synth-pop songstress has teamed up with The Soundmen, the Brooklyn/Seattle-based remix-production duo responsible for that bangin’ remix of Betty Who‘s “High Society,” among other sparkling gems.

“Games We Play” is the result of that collaboration, and the first track off the duo’s debut EP, out on January 29.

I could tell you a thing or two about the song, but why would I even bother when Queen of Hearts has graciously gone ahead and done so herself in audio form?

“Tears on the dance floor.” That’s the kind of voice you’d want to spread on your morning toast, right? Like buttah.

But that’s not all! The Soundmen have something to say about it, too: “We knew that we wanted to make a massive pop track with Queen of Hearts. The original instrumental we sent her was more of a playful 80’s jam but when we heard what she recorded, we knew we had something bigger. Taking inspiration from the darker and serious tones of her vocals, we rebuilt the song from scratch to build what would probably be the most traditional pop song we’ve produced,” Soundman Scott explains.

The midtempo disco strut is undeniably fresh ‘n funky (and sort of reminds me of something Little Boots would do), filling the speakers with hugely infectious, stomping ’80’s-encrusted beats and stuttering vocals. (Y’all already know how I feel about stuttering vocals — obsessed.) Get thee to a dance floor, stat.

“Is this love or just a game we play?” the Queen ponders. It’s up to you to decide.

MuuMuse is happy to premiere The Soundmen’s “Games We Play,” featuring Queen Of Hearts.”

Listen below!

“Games We Play (feat. Queen Of Hearts)” will be released on January 29. (iTunes)