So Much For Retiring…

Korean super-mega-star BoA has pulled a fast one on us all. Instead of following through with her whole “collegiate” goal, the songstress has decided to go ahead and continue with the whole “pop star” thing. Her Japanese album, THE FACE, is due to be released later this month. Today however, the album leaked in full. Not very common for Asian releases…A review will be posted later today. The cover is included above this post. She’s a stone fox, as you can tell. Just look at that apathetic expression. She doesn’t even give a damn if the lip gloss goes on straight. But rest assured, that lip gloss is indeed poppin’.

More confounding than her leaked Japanese career is her now confirmed English equivalent. According to BOAjjang, BoA has been secretly preparing for an upcoming English album, and will complete recording in March. In May, specific details for an English record label will be released by her group in Korea, SM Entertainment.

If Rain and SE7EN are the only representations of “breaking” into America, then I fear dearly for my sweet lady’s future. I’m also bracing myself to hear her “improved” English pronunciation skills. Yes, I heard “KEY OF HEART (English Version)”. And you know what? I thought it was the Korean Version. Think about it.

Godspeed, Kwon BoA.

I’m A Slave 4 U

I’m A Slave 4 U

According to Daily Mirror newspaper, Madonna’s new video will feature the

Daily B: Settling In Court

Daily B: Settling In Court

It pains me to update sometimes

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