Destiny’s Child was, is and forever will be one of the greatest girl groups of all time. Between their iconic smashes — from “Bills, Bills, Bills” to “Say My Name” to “Survivor” — to their equally iconic revolving door line-up, the ladies remain one of the most memorable acts of the millennial pop era.

And, just as importantly, their shade game is just as strong.

In a newly surfaced Vine from an old interview making the rounds (we’re talking original line-up), the girls are seen huddled together on a bed introducing themselves to the camera. We’re in the middle of watching Kelly Rowlegend talking — years before she ever arched her back for those #KissesDownLowOniTunes. And how does she describe her position in the group?

“I’m the second lead vocalist of the group.”

Let the Shade Games begin.


LaTavia Roberson opts for the Amused “Oh, You Really Did That Tho?” Side Eye.


Lady Love diva LeToya Luckett comes in swiftly thereafter with a tried and true classic — The Bitch Please.


And then there’s Beyoncé, reigning Queen of Shade. While she’s opted for the surprise emotional attack as of late, her technique was far less subtle back in the day. In a split second, she serves up a Kelly, Roll Up The Partition Cough, followed by a stinging ***Flawless Eye Roll that had a young Michelle Williams holy twerking the shade away somewhere in Illinois.

As the ladies once postulated: “I don’t think you can handle this.”