Darren Hayes Gets the Bright Light Bright Light Remix Treatment for “Stupid Mistake”

I love Darren Hayes. I love Bright Light Bright Light (or Rod Thomas, formally speaking.) Imagine my sheer delight, then, when I saw both names listed together earlier this week. INSAHNE.

Yes, it’s real and actual: As part of the festivities for his 40th birthday last week (happy birthday again, Darren!), Mr. Hayes recruited UK pop prince Bright Light Bright Light to take his latest Secret Codes & Battleships single to task, which premiered over at ArjanWrites on Monday.

“When I think of my favourite 12 inch mixes on vinyl, they were remixes in a vague house style, with big piano riffs and those signature snare rolls,” Hayes told Arjan. “I think he’s more than delivered. It’s my favourite remix from the album so far and I wanted everyone to hear it.”

Though the new mix of “Stupid Mistake” starts out rather dramatic and serious face (there are finger snaps!), just wait until that first chorus to draw to a close, when the song suddenly bursts into a euphoric, early ’90’s piano-led dance House beat–the signature Bright Light touch!

Yes, there’s still just as much guilt and shame packed into the track, but really…with rhythms this scrumptiously danceable, you’ll likely be caught voguing before you ever have a chance to shed a tear. Brilliant job all around!

Best of all–it’s free! Head over to ArjanWrites now to download the remix fo’ free.

“Stupid Mistake” was released on May 4. (iTunes)

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