Beyoncé went rocketing (REFERENCE) up all the way to the top of the Billboard charts with her BEYONCÉ bedroom/kitchen floor/bathtub banga “Drunk In Love” last week — so it’s only fair for the clubs get in on the action now too.

The “Drunk In Love” remix package includes club-ready offerings from the likes of Diplo, Joachim Garraud (finger snap heaven!), Girls Love DJ’s, Full Crate, Richie Beretta & Jillionaire and CJay Swayne. They’re all pretty hot — so hot you’ll be icing your cigars in no time. (You, uh, might want to Urban Dictionary that one.)

Fuck a Valentine’s Day date: We be all night…blasting these nasty official remixes and graining on that wood. Anybody else drinkin’ watermelon?


UPDATE: And then there’s the Kanye West remix. If ever you wanted to hear Yeezy spit the lines “I impregnated your mouth girl/That’s when I knew you could be my spouse girl,” you’re in luck. Who says romance is dead?

(via AngieReview)

BEYONCÉ was released on December 13. (iTunes)