And now, a truly iconic Valentine’s Day treat for the Church of Godney.

Mr. Photographer, I think she’s ready for her close-up (REFERENCE): While posing with her BF David “The D” Lucado tonight, “Tik Tik Boom” chanteuse Britney Jean Spears decided to break out her FUCK OFF LOVER BOY stenciled velour jacket, a relic of the blessed Blackout era.


Between this and the debut of Brunetteney in Las Vegas (ALSO SHE DID “ALIEN” FOR THE FIRST TIME, PANIC ACCORDINGLY), it’s starting to feel like 2007 all over again. That’s seven years ago already — can you believe it? I know she shouldn’t have kept us waiting…but she’s here now (REFERENCE).

Get thee to a recording studio, Brit Brit!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.