Look, let’s all be real and honest with ourselves: With Godney taking off from Live In Las Vegasney: The Bitch Is Back for the next two months to reply to all the e-mails cluttering her inbox and take in some family time with the babies and The Big D, the Brit Brit news is going to run about as dry as the #WORKBXXCH desert.

That’s why we should take pleasure in celebrating any and every morsel to come of the Britney Jean era — like this one!

Party in France (REFERENCE)? Why, yes actually: While teaching a class in Paris (PARIS!), high-heeled choreographer Yanis Marshall decided to bless his students with an urban dance set to BJ casual couch banga “Chillin’ With You,” featuring Queen of Country Jamie-Lynn Spears.

Although he skipped out on wearing the pumps for this performance, it is no less Spearitual in nature — and certainly his most personal dance to date. Remember when B hit the studio and do some Interpretive Danceney of her own to her original Jamie-Lynn tribute, “Just Yesterday (Little Me)”? Memories…

Somebody pass the red, then pass the white…I’m chillin’, I’m chillin’. #ChillinWithYouForSingle3 #BrazilNeedsChillinWithYou

‘Britney Jean’ was released on December 3. (iTunes)