Let me tell you something about my values when it comes to the art of video-making: If choreography is involved, I’m all in.

Granted, I’m already sold on Haim. But if you’re not yet, let me present something that might just change your mind. (DO U SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

The video for the trio’s “If I Could Change Your Mind” just arrived, a song off of their 2013 debut, Days Are Gone. And while the dreamy, ’70’s rock throwback is already excellent, the track just got a major boost thanks to the fabulous dancing featured throughout — the Haim sistahs are seriously busting a move.

Not in a Hotney Godney fashion, of course (although there are ample hairflips), but rather in the Ladies Who Love To Dance fashion: You know…sassy finger snappin’, side-to-side hip shakin’, hand clappin’, air punchin’ and everything in between. It’s so refreshing and playful and cute!

Everything about the video’s a total win, down to that vintage game show “Haim” signage in the background, which looks like the girls stumbled into their very own American Bandstand-themed set. Nailed it, really.

And if you don’t like it, well…then I really don’t know how to change your mind at this point.

‘Days Are Gone’ was released on September 30. (iTunes)