Our girl Sky Ferreira has been killin’ it lately.

While the Night Time, My Time princess continues to get the crowd amped for Miley‘s tongue-twisting talents on the Bangerz Tour (in spite of that gnarly 60-stitch gash in her leg from opening night, LOL W/E), the brooding beauty took some time away from the tour to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Equipped with the same too-cool-for-school shades, chic leather jacket and slicked back coif as featured in her video (plus a giant leg bandage that unintentionally made her look sort of like a Japanese school girl, glam!), the rock princess delivered a perfectly growly rendition of “You’re Not The One.” It was as solid as ever, although I couldn’t help but notice that her chops seem to have grown even stronger, probably a result of her new tour schedule. Sang, gurl. And that’s not all!

Today, a brand new track from Sky’s back catalog has surfaced: “Rancid Girl.”

The song, which was produced by Jon Brion and co-penned by Sky, Cass McCombs and Blake Mills, was crafted around the Ghost EP era — right before Night Time, My Time really came together as a cohesive record.

Like “Sad Dream,” the contemplative tune lazes across a gentle guitar strum, placing Sky’s worldweary vocals at the forefront of the production to tell her mournful tale. “Wandering to Hell and back, knees and arms dressed in scabs/Keep your pipe on yourself, just claim it belongs to someone else,” she near-whispers. “The last rancid girl in a rancid world, and I don’t seem to mind.”

As you can tell from the first few seconds, the acoustic track would sound stark naked in comparison to the gritty textures of her Justin Raisen and Ariel Rechtshaid-produced debut, which is why it ultimately didn’t make the final cut.

I’m still not entirely sure what to make of the narrative (and whether it’s semi-autobiographical or purely fiction), but it’s a captivating listen nonetheless. Sky 4ever.