In case you forgot/weren’t already aware, The Saturdays are about to release their massive Living For The Weekend tune, “Not Giving Up,” on April 4. (It’s still amazing, for the record.)

But before the new single drops, the girls have just debuted the song’s B-Side: “Bigger.”

Perhaps as an intentional contrast to the furious hi-NRG dance floor stomp of the A-side, “Bigger” is a smooth, chilly us-against-the-world electro-R&B gem that sounds sort of like a Wayne Wilkins production (Cheryl Cole‘s “Fight For This Love” and Michelle Williams‘ “We Break The Dawn” both come to mind.) It’s got a nice tripping drum beat, dreamy electronica and an immediately infectious chorus, which turns the word “love” into a multisyllabic phrase (“luh-oo-ahh-oo-ahh-oo-ahh-oo-ahhve!”).

The song is also largely a Vanessa/Rochelle duet, with only some brief cameos from the other members of the troupe. That’s not a complaint — the two carry the track beautifully on their own. (NO SHADE.)

It’s a solid jam, which just makes the release of “Not Giving Up” all the bigger. (DO U SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

“Not Giving Up” will be released on April 4. (iTunes)