Kylie Minogue Turns “Sexercize” Into A Complete Visual Experience With Sexercize.TV


Queen Kylie Minogue just wants to give you more, more, more (REFERENCE) when it comes to “Sexercize.”

After dropping her sizzling, Sapphic official video for the Kiss Me Once smut romp, the divine disco diva’s just gone and pulled a mini Beyoncé, revealing her very own visual experience called — a website revolving entirely around “Sexercize.”

The stylishly designed page conceived by Chandelier Creative and developed by Black & Black Creative includes about a half dozen or more interpretations of “Sexercize” by some of Kylie’s most creative pals in the business: Will Davidson (he did the video that premiered yesterday, as well as the “Skirt” video), Roman Coppola x Maserati (you wanna Maserateh?), Mat Maitland x Jean Paul Gaultier, Starsky+Cox, VFiles, Gregoire Alexandre x LeSpecs, Reilly x Dolce & Gabbana and Hattie Stewart.

Prepare for illustrations, Photoshop creations, GIFs, sexstrology (for all you freaky stargazers out there) and a bunch of different video interpretations: The Hattie Stewart one, for instance, blends vintage exercise clips with Kylie’s classic sexy clips (“Slow”! “Spinning Around”!) and adorable cartoon characters, while the National Geographic interoperation provides education in the art of sexercize across the animal kingdom.

And then, there’s the VFILES interpretation, which sees Kylie auditioning a bunch of male models in their underwear to be The Sexiest Sexercizer Of All Time (hey, she knows her audience), barking out endless demands for the perfect man to sweep her off her feet.

It’s the silliest thing Kylie’s done in a while (“Shit!“), but she nailed it: Shoot the shot. Every. Time.

Go explore!

‘Kiss Me Once’ was released on March 18. (iTunes)

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