We Need To Talk About CL.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I lumme some 2NE1. They’re undeniably slaying the K-Pop scene as a whole. But CL’s solo performance during their All Or Nothing Tour?


With a regal trumpet introduction, an almighty declaration to the commoners (“My turn…SET THEM ON FIRE!“) and a bad ass hair flip, The Baddest Female arrived to the stage solo to tear into her breakout smash. Choreography! Ferocity for days! And just as quickly, the track morphed into her Crush solo trap track — a song I wish I knew how to quit — “MTDB.”

(Fun fact, the track’s gotten some serious heat from some members of the Muslim community because of the background track. Why? Some say it’s a disrespectful lift of a boy reciting the Quran, while others insist it’s an Indian chant. Escándalo!)

Song drama aside, the performance was truly hot fiya: Hair flips and hip twerks galore! She’s undeniably the baddest bitch. BeyonCéL.


That’s not to ignore the group’s comeback as a whole, of course! I love them ’cause they’re hot, I love them ’cause they’re cold…

Along with the start of their tour, the foursome also worked it out live on SBS Inkigayo to three cuts from their long awaited second LP, which dropped at the end of February: “Crush,” “Come Back Home” and “If I Were You.”

All in all, a welcome return by one of K-Pop’s most killer acts.

‘Crush’ was released on February 27. (iTunes)