Britney Joins Art Therapy Session at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Remains Our Brightest Morning Star


Hey, here’s a fun fact about your faves: They’re basic and selfish.

Why? Because instead of spending her day throwing shade on Twitter or thirsting for chart positions, our Brightest Morning Star and Vegas #WORKBXXCH Godney Jeansus spent her time being a selfless Humanitarianney at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles yesterday.

Following a visit to the Children’s Hospital Orange County in November last year, Brit Brit made another visit — this time to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles — to participate in a cool, personal and urban art therapy session with some of the hospital patients.

From Children’s Hospital Los Angeles:

Britney joined three patients on their art therapy journey, which focused on the topic, “What it feels like to be away from home.”

Patients and Britney traced outlines of their hands and began sorting through magazine images that resembled anything you could think of—animals, food, landscape, children, sporting equipment. On the large blank sheet of paper, Registered Art Therapist, Nicole Albers, encouraged the group to make a collage around their hand outline of photos that reminded them of home. Bianca (age 17) glued an image of corn, green trees and family. She shared her enthusiasm for grilling corn in backyard with her family back at home. While she enjoys the Healing and Meditation Garden at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, she looks forward to when she can officially be outside of the hospital’s walls.

Britney shared her favorite images that remind her of family. Her collage included an image of a crawfish—her favorite food. She also chose a photo showing happy children to represent her two boys and a butterfly.

“Butterflies are our guardian angels,” shares Britney.

The patients and Britney decided to name their special poster, “Happiness.” When they think of family, it bring them joy and happiness. After the art therapy session, Britney made her way to The Heart Institute, the Medical/Surgical unit and the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases and help boost spirits of several children who were too ill to attend art therapy.

Surprise! Now you’re crying.

Basically, Britney remains a beautiful soul (and a butterfly enthusiast), and that is why we love her.

And crawfish, eh B? The world goes ’round and ’round, but some things never change (REFERENCE)…



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