“Sparks”: Kylie Dives Even Deeper “Into The Blue”

Today is March 9, which means it’s time for that #IntoTheBluePromo to kick into full gear: Queen Kylie Minogue‘s Kiss Me Once lead single, “Into The Blue,” is officially out in the UK.

And that’s not all! Along with the long awaited release of the single, there’s a new aural morsel for all of us to enjoy: “Sparks,” the song’s gorgeous B-side.

The song was produced by Matt Schwartz and penned by Karen Poole, the same team behind “Timebomb.” The two sound nothing alike, though: The tribal-meets-celestial production sees Mighty Aphrodite diving even deeper into the blue across rich textures, including a disarmingly sunny tropical beat (sort of like Björk‘s “Earth Intruders”) and a searing electronic stomp (not unlike “Into The Blue”), as well as an infectious “La, la, la!” melody that’ll have you feeling a touch of that “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” rush.

Oh, feels like you light me up when the sparks run out!” Kylie euphorically coos. (Also, I’m probably biased, but it sort of sounds like she’s singing “Feels like an alien!” Can we get a mash-up with Britney‘s “Alien” up in here? It could definitely work.)

“Sparks” is an empowering and somewhat spiritual throbber, which just happens to fit in nicely with the underlying theme of “Into The Blue” and Kiss Me Once which is, basically, “you’re going to be fine.” (It’s not a surprise either, considering Karen Poole also penned the über-motivational “Fine” on the album.)

You know that you are a fighter
But you feel yourself fall apart
Now you’re just panicking because you’re left defeated
And you see nothing but dark
But when my soul is in pieces
No one but me understands
Arms reach out from a distance
Palm to palm, touch your hands

Self-Affirmation Kylie works really well, considering her heavenly voice is the perfect medicine to soothe the soul.

Now, start diving into the blue…your disco needs you.

“Into The Blue” was released on March 9. (iTunes)

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