In an interview with PopJustice posted earlier today (which you should all read immediately, it’s great), Queen Beth Ditto of Gossip revealed that while recording at Xenomania headquarters, she encountered a few fellow musicians in the studio: Annie (amazing), Florrie (amazing), and a certain legend named…Legendtina.

From PopJustice:

Were there any popstars hanging about?
Beth: Florrie was there, Annie was there. That’s when Nathan and I were there anyway. And there were some other people that I don’t remember. I think they were up and coming people. But they were like ‘oh in a week Christina Aguilera’s coming in’ and I was like ‘please let me stay here’.

Beth: I would have loved to have stayed there. I bet I could have made her laugh.


I just fell right off my giant red swivel chair!

Imagine, if you can, a world where a Xenomania/Christina Aguilera collaboration exists. Consider the quality of a Girls Aloud song–in all of its ridiculous lyricism and hooks for days–as oversung by a legend. Think of “Graffiti My Soul,” “Life Got Cold,” or even “Can’t Speak French” performed by the almighty Burlesque songstress, she of #161 UK 2008 chart-bottoming smash “Genie 2.0.”

Can you even? I certainly can’t.

Oh, and Beth? You’re wrong. Nothing in this world makes Legendtina laugh, except for when she watches her own appearance on Saturday Night Live, or when she looks at Ciara‘s chart numbers.

“Something Kinda OoOoOOOOOoOOOOooOOOOoOOooOOOOHhhhh-HA!”