The Best Song On Shakira’s New Album Isn’t Actually On Shakira’s New Album

Yeah, I know: I’m giving away copies of Shakira‘s new album, Shakira. And with that contest, I’m asking you all to tell me your favorite song on the album. But I’m here now to answer that for you in advance — because it’s sort of a trick question.

As it turns out, the best song on Shakira’s new album is called “Chasing Shadows,” and it’s a bonus track on the Target exclusive edition of Shakira. (It’s also available internationally on the deluxe edition.) Um…


Es la verdad, y’all: “Chasing Shadows” is a smash from the second it kicks into the speakers, riding in on a chilly ’80’s-tinged electronic pulse crafted by Greg Kurstin. What’s more? It was written by Pop’s Most In-Demand Songwriter and Professional “Chandelier” Swinger, Sia. And, like many incredible pop songs (INCLUDING PARIS HILTON‘S “STARS ARE BLIND”), it was co-penned by Fernando Garibay. (The amazingness of this song already comes as no surprise, does it?)

“I know that it won’t be long/We can’t hide from a love that burns this strong,” Shaki emotionally coos on the anthemic love song. The verses are huge, and those crashing drums rumbling in the distance are massiveCeline Dion‘s “I Drove All Night” style. (It wouldn’t sound out of place on the Kurstin-produced Tegan & Sara record, Heartthrob, either.)

“We’re waiting for, just waiting for the sun to go down/But until it does, we’ll chase our shadows/And when the night comes, we will run from nothing, my love!” Now how devastatingly sweet a sentiment is that? And, as per pop tradition, there’s even a catchy chant thrown in at the beginning and end (“Oh-whoa-oh!“) to stay firmly planted in your brain forever, just for good measure.

The only question that remains: Why was this song relegated to bonus track status? It’s clearly one of, if not the best song on the record, and probably would have given Shaki a legitimate chart hit that people actually remembered to remember. Oh well. At least we’re #blessed enough to have the song reach our ears.


‘Shakira’ was released on March 25. (iTunes)

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