A few weeks ago, I introduuced Jordanian chanteuse King Deco with her spectacularly dreamy Kinetics-assisted debut, “One.”

Today, King Deco’s delivered the second offering from her forthcoming Tigris EP, out on April 14 — and no, it’s not called “Two.” (I know, I’m hilarious.)

The Adam Pallin (Little Jackie)-crafted track is in fact called “Laila,” and it was co-penned with fellow songwriters Martine Choo and Christine PLG.

Kicking off with a dreamy spiritual chant (of the non-Spearitual variety), the hypnotic, slow-tripping electronic production drifts along with all the sweet sincerity of a gentle prayer: “You’re glowing, you’re showing me everything you are/We’re fading like stars in the night,” she purrs above celestial synthesizers and crashing drums. It’s hauntingly pretty.

Anticipation for the Tigris EP remains high.

The ‘Tigris EP’ will be released on April 14. (iTunes)