True, Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP era might be a messy mixture of Koons balls, Perez Hilton, vomit and rambling apologies on message boards — but she’s decided to #StopTheDramaStartTheMusic(Videos) and go full steam ahead with the long-awaited next chapter. (What’s a “Do What U Want” video? I don’t know her.)

Mercifully, she’s selected one of the very best songs off of ARTPOP to continue the saga: “G.U.Y.”

The video for the new single is nearly upon us, premiering tomorrow on Dateline at 8 p.m. EST, and from the behind-the-scenes look at the clip which just premiered moments ago, it looks to be quite the opulent affair.

Hearst Castle! Synchronized swimming! Greek mythology costumes! Choreography! She’s effectively turned her power bottom anthem into an epic Citizen Kane/Great Gatsby remake. Quite M.A.J.O.R, no?

The greatest part of this whole thing though, obviously, is the inclusion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim Richards strumming a guitar? Lisa Vanderpump jovially slapping a tambourine? CARLTON PLAYING A HARP?! These are the things GAGA X RHOBH fan-fic dreams are made of. (I can only pray that Camille Grammar makes a cameo as a #blessed angel.)

It looks like Gaga’s really pulled out all the stops this time around, “Telephone” style. Will this be ARTPOP‘s grand redemption?

‘ARTPOP’ was released on November 11. (iTunes)