“Throw It Down”: Dominique Young Unique Sets It Off

Um, yes.

Tampa-bred model-turned spitfire rapper Dominique Young Unique has slowly made a name for herself across da blogz over the past few years after releasing a string of EPs and mixtapes, including 2009’s Hot Girl and 2010’s Domination. She also casually models in Vogue or whatever. Also, she did a bootleg remix of Nicola Roberts“Yo-Yo.” (Already sold, right?)

All that blogosphere buzz paid off, and by 2013, she was providing verses on major label releases, including DJ Fresh and Diplo‘s 2013 UK chart smash “Earthquake” and, most recently, Le Youth‘s incredible “No Scrubs”-sampling “Dance With Me.”

Now, it’s time for Miss Young Unique to shine on her own.

“Throw It Down” is the 21-year-old spitfire’s major label debut — a DJ Fresh, Benga and The Invisible Men-crafted banga that arrives on April 20 on Epic Records.

The fiery, no-holds barred club banger serves the rising rapstress’ vocals fresh up against nasty electro stabs, stuttering like a machine gun on that booty-clapper of a chorus: Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh…DOWN! “I pop it, then I shake it like an Assquake,” she coolly spits. (Maybe that’s what hit LA yesterday morning?)

And as for that accompanying video, with those boys bouncing, dipping and dropping those booties in the background? Yes, honey. (Objectification of men is very in right now.) In a way, it’s almost like a harder female response track to Diplo’s “Bubble Butt.”

Dominique’s feisty attitude, fashion and spitfire flow have me head over heels, much like Azealia Banks once did years ago before the endlessly self-sabotaging Twitter tirades that strained everyone’s last nerve. (Remember her?) There’s also a little bit of mixtape Minaj hiding in there somewhere, methinks.

As with any female femcee, she probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think there’s major promise.

At any rate, I’ll be booty bouncing in the corner.

“Throw It Down” will be released on April 20. (iTunes)

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