Courtney Stodden Out For Lunch


Vegetarian LGBT warrior, former teen bride-turned-current teen divorcee and celebrated chanteuse Courtney Stodden is coming back at us in the most #blessed of ways.

The alliteration loving, sexually stimulating singer-songstress hasn’t delivered a single new sound since shaking up the scene with 2012 smash “Reality,” the riller than rill-feeling throbber that captivated a nation.

But now, a return to the music scene appears imminent.

While sitting in her car somewhere, the “Don’t Put It On Me” diva delivered an acapella rendition of The Holy Spearit‘s In The Zone classic “(I Got That) Boom Boom,” which she just posted on Instagram.

And it sounds rill good!

But what is it for, exactly? A vocal warm-up before heading into the studio to record cuts for her highly anticipated debut LP? Was she worshiping at the altar of Godney as the rest of us lessers are wont to do? Or is this girl just having her sexy fun? ;)

One thing’s for sure: Y’all rilly ain’t ready for the return of Queen Stodden.